“We do not sell bread.” With these expressive words that carry messages of nobility and honor for the values ​​held by Moroccans in general and the southeastern regions in particular, the authentic shepherd of sheep in the mountains of the Tinghir province was able to create the event through a natural reaction and behavior, reflecting the values ​​of the people of the region In the context of answering some questions to two French tourists..and through this report and the reportage that thousands, if not millions, of followers, watched and admired, Muhammad was able, with his noble behavior and generosity, and despite the harsh social and natural conditions, to promote tourism in a very large way to the region, so that no one can No matter how much material resources harnessed to reach him.. my greetings to this hero.

Mohamed Al-Makki , the atlas mountains shepherd

The interaction of Moroccan citizen M’hamed Al-Makki created the event locally and internationally through his spontaneous dealings and highlighting the generosity of Moroccans even in the darkest conditions, by helping two French tourists and sharing his food with them.

The Moroccan Hospitality by Muhammed Al-Makki

The two tourists documented the incident, which was transmitted by foreign channels and media, before it spread in Morocco through social media, and witnessed great praise for the magnanimity and humanitarian stance of Al-Makki, son of the village of Ait Hadidou, affiliated with the Tellme group in Tinghir province, the most prominent values ​​of Moroccans and their feat with others, while promoting the name The area is a tourist area on the external and local level, as the video of the incident showed the beauty of the place and the natural diversity in the place between the hills and mountains and other things that this picturesque environment has.

Among the most prominent sentences that distinguished this video and left a great impact on the hearts of Moroccans, is the saying of Al-Makki, who sells rock paintings engraved with some drawings to tourists and visitors to the Ait Hadidou area in the Tellme community, to the two French tourists that “Morocco is beautiful”, despite the harsh environment and the lack of hands. Which are highlighted by the features and clothes of the man, but all that breaks him with his distinguished smile, spaciousness, and generosity.

The Video of the two French Tourists and Muhammed Al-Makki

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