Morocco coronavirus ( Covid-19 ) and all what you need to know about Travel restrictions in Morocco.

Morocco extends the state of health emergency due to the coronavirus until September 10. The Government of Morocco has approved to extend until September 10 the state of health emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has already left more than 50,000 cases and more than 800 deaths in the country. ( Morocco coronavirus cases & deaths )

Development of COVID-19 and current situation in Morocco

The situation of each country with respect to the coronavirus is usually defined in a series of specific parameters, which are the development of the epidemiological situation in terms of infected and deceased, the date on which it began to adopt measures recommended by the WHO (depending on number of infected) and how restrictive these measures are to prevent their spread.

Morocco Travel Restrictions

Regarding the measures, Morocco took as a first precautionary measure the registration of the origin of all tourists who arrived in the country since the beginning of the year and the temperature control at the entrance of the main airports of the country in February.

Regarding measures prescribed by the WHO, Morocco decided to suspend all international travel, both incoming and outgoing, as well as to close all schools, in a staggered manner between March 13 and 15, when the number of infected was 28.

Morocco reopens its borders with strong restrictions and coronavirus tests:

  • Only for Moroccans or residents and by sea or air.
  • To enter you must take a serological test and a PCR test.

Morocco reopens its borders from this July 14, but with many conditions. There will be, as they already said, an operation crossing the Strait, and it will only be possible to enter the country by sea or air. No road. Everything to avoid the arrival of travelers with coronavirus.

Only Moroccan citizens and residents may enter the neighboring country. Foreigners who want to return to their country will also be allowed to leave. Thus tourist trips are prohibited.

In addition, you can only enter by air or sea. And not from any port. They will only receive ships that depart from France and Italy. Thus, the route from the port of Algeciras is suspended.

Displacements from Ceuta and Melilla are also excluded, since access by land is not allowed. In other words, the land borders will remain closed.

Those who manage to enter Morocco must do so following strict sanitary control. They will have to take a serological test and a PCR test, carried out a maximum of two days before traveling.

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