On this page of Merzouga Travel guide, we’ll take you to the entire desert which is a wonderful view that will surely take you on a journey. You should be able to feel the light, darkness, and eternal time that are difficult to feel in a silent world where you refuse plants and creatures. When you think of the Sahara Desert, it may seem difficult to travel, but in reality, there are spots where you can easily feel its grandeur. This time we will introduce you to the Merzouga of Morocco where you can easily experience the nature of the Sahara Desert!

Contents of Merzouga travel guide

  1. What is the Sahara Desert like?
  2. The most popular sightseeing in the Sahara Desert! Morocco’s town “Dune Merzouga”
  3. 5 Ways to Enjoy the Sahara Desert in Merzouga!
  4. 9 handy things to bring when visiting the Sahara
  5. Climate and temperature of the Sahara Desert and Merzouga
  6. How to get to Merzouga
  7. Merzouga Summary

What is the Merzouga Sahara Desert like?

Merzouga travel guide

The Sahara Desert has many characteristics that cannot be described in one word. Also, no matter how big it is, it is a size that does not come with a pin. We will explain the size and characteristics of the Sahara Desert in detail on this Merzouga travel guide page!

How big is the Sahara Desert?

Merzouga desert

The Sahara Desert is the world’s largest desert located in the northern part of the African continent . The area is 1000 km2, which is almost the same as the United States, covering 1700 km from north to south It’s a size that occupies 1/3 of the African continent and is amazing! This super-giant desert spans 11 countries in North Africa and is accessible from the towns of each base.

Although it has been cultivated by indigenous people since ancient times, the traffic that crosses the north and south has been narrowed down to about three , and there are still victims due to the existence of roads. You can see the hugeness of the Sahara Desert and the harsh environment as if no one succeeded in crossing the east and west.

What are the characteristics of the Sahara Desert?

Merzouga characteristics

Actually, the part of the sand surface is 20% of the whole, and the rest is mostly rugged rocks. At the other extreme is a large sand dune group and the black volcanic stones, sand in excess of the white desert, Morocco height 300m of sand dunes, a huge oasis also is characterized by showing a different look at each location. Desertification is progressing due to population growth and climate change, and the area is growing at a speed of 60,000 km² each year, which is a serious problem.

The most popular sightseeing in Merzouga town.

Merzouga town

Anyway, the huge and many-sided Sahara desert, the most popular of these is the city of Morocco, “Merzouga” . Learn why Merzouga is so popular!

Merzouga is located near the border with Algeria, 500 km east of Marrakech. It is a town that has been bustling as an oasis at the westernmost point of Sahara since ancient times. The Berbers or Imazighen are the local people who live in Merzouga.

The reason why Merzouga is the popular town in the Sahara desert is that it’s so easy to see the desert in the city. Furthermore, the Erg-Chebbi dunes, which are located about 100 meters from Merzouga, are huge sand dunes with a width of 5-7 km and a length of 50km . Although it is a desert, it is an oasis, so there is also a water source, making the hotel a comfortable and popular spot.

Merzouga desert Summary

Merzouga travel guide

How about , Merzouga in Morocco, which is the most popular in the Sahara Desert One step into the desert and spend the night, you will notice the magnificence of nature. If you are surrounded by the largest Sahara Desert in the world, you may lose your usual worries. Good access, great dunes, surprisingly comfortable desert camps, Merzouga with starry sky, no reason not to go. Why not consider this when planning your trip to Morocco.

Tourists were interrupted, the wheel of life stopped here in Merzouga, most people lost their life compass, as anywhere in this world is no longer the case.

Merzouga desert under quarantine 2020, no tourists!

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