Tourists were interrupted, the wheel of life stopped here in Merzouga, most people lost their life compass, as anywhere in this world is no longer the case.

Tour guides put their shoes that define rough paths in desert tracks and shake off the stuck dust from it.

The Camels or desert ships that are irreplaceable, to carry visitors who are difficult to walk on the sandy dunes of Merzouga, and carry the luggage of tourists across the sand dunes of Erg-Chebbi, these animals are no longer spending the night tied near the camps, they tender carefully, but were left looking for niches in the neighboring Viafia, Dodging and grazing freely, and relaxing from the heavy loads.

Merzouga desert under quarantine

Agriculture vs Tourism in Merzouga

Everyone started looking for what was going on in dodging time, people remembered some of what they were busy with themselves before the rise of tourism that covered all other activities. People go back to their neglected fields, some rediscovered the number of his sheep, and even their chickens, sighing those who got rid of livestock and poultry in the belief that tourism is sufficient and increasing.

Merzouga desert under quarantine

The rich here in the time of the epidemic is the one who resisted the temptations of tourism and preserved the lifestyle that suits the desert, the lifestyle that celebrates the cultivation of nature-friendly, and an inexhaustible field of its goods …Those who had such a relationship with the desert were not intimidated by the epidemic much, nor until the quarantine managed to imprison them, they kept the pace of their lives without regret over something they lost.

Merzouga Quarantine in the spring

Quarantine in the spring is another challenge here. Spring challenges you and provokes you with its lights and flowers…. It tempts and calls you so that you can live without fear or apprehension. Nothing hurts the sacred silence in Merzouga other than the birds that rejoiced in the spring that no one jostled with. Silence is therefore the master of the place. With it, life is explored in its forgotten details, and the value of neglected things is returned, The things that were neglected, perhaps arrogant or believing that time crawled and left behind … it is Merzouga, so its lessons do not end, especially in the time of the epidemic.

Merzouga desert under quarantine
Desert warbler – Merzouga desert

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