Traveling to Morocco on your own is very easy! We have developed for you a detailed description of the travel route in Morocco with a well-developed travel budget. The goal is to travel around the country without missing anything interesting.

Morocco is a great option for independent travel. Firstly, visa-free entry is open for many countries. Secondly, it is a very safe and politically calm country, which, among other things, is considered the most Europeanized Arab state. And thirdly, in Morocco there is so much that you need to see that going there on a package tour is absolutely pointless. If Morocco – then only on your own!

We present you the scenario of the deepest immersion in this amazing country.

We also recommend that you read our material on MOROCCO – valuable information about the country for those who travel to Morocco on their own. We also have a separate note on a beach holiday in Morocco.

Morocco: how to get there?

The easiest way to get to Morocco from Russia is air travel. There are many possible options. These are direct flights of Royal Air Maroc from Moscow to Casablanca, and a whole fan of possible combinations of flights with connections in different European cities (Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Rome, etc.). There is even the option of getting to Morocco by sea: first, you will need to fly to Spain, and from there, from one of the southern ports, take the ferry to Morocco. Swimming will last from 1 to 2 hours. However, the last two options require a Schengen visa. In addition, they are too tiring and time-consuming.

Most often, the easiest and cheapest way to get to Morocco is to fly with Turkish Airlines. A flight from Moscow will take you to Casablanca with a change in Istanbul. If desired, it will be possible to choose not the minimum transplant duration of two hours, but take, for example, 8 hours or more in order to get to the center of Istanbul for a few hours, take a little walk there and see the main attractions (we did this). Read how to get to the center of Istanbul from the airport.

One way or another, to find the best option for both price and convenience, you need to compare all possible options. Airline sales and Skyscanner services search for tickets for all airlines. To learn how to find and book flights at the lowest price, check out our tips.

If you feel that you are not ready to organize an independent trip to Morocco, but want to go to this beautiful country, then fly on a tour. You can also find a ticket online. Tours in Morocco →

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